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My Mission:

To be vigilant of changing California laws regarding Chiropractic and x-ray, and notify doctors of possible consequences to their practices.

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The state of diagnostic imaging today is complex and rapidly-evolving. We provide doctors with continuing education to satisfy California x-ray and Chiropractic recertification and relicensing requirements, sharpen diagnostic skills and better utilize diagnostic imaging in their practices.

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Formal x-ray reports are a legal requirement for all radiographs taken of human beings. We offer Chiropractors x-ray interpretation by a Chiropractic radiologist for their analog and digital radiographs at bargain prices.

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  • In 2014, Chiropractic license renewal requires 24 CE hours.  Ten hours of x-ray CE are required independently every two years by the California Department Of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch (CDPH-RHB) to renew your CA X-Ray Supervisor & Operator permit (XSOP).
  • Seminar I fulfills 12 hours of Chiropractic CE (2 hours ethics & law plus all 10 hours x-ray for your XSOP).
  • Seminar II fulfills the remaining 12 hours for Chiropractic relicensing: 6 hours mandatory (including 2 hours ethics & law) plus 6 hours advanced imaging).
  • If you attend both seminar I and II, you will be covered for the full year for Chiropractic relicensing, plus 10 hours of x-ray to renew your XSOP.
  • Many doctors requested a basic course in advanced imaging (in seminar II), and two of the advanced imaging hours (CT) also count as x-ray for your CA XSOP.
  • If your office has an automatic or manual wet film processor, and you are not doing the daily and semi-monthly quality assurance (QA) testing required since October 2012, the CDPH will absolutely cite you during your next State equipment inspection.  I now have a low-cost ($75) 5-hour workshop designed to: (1) show you where to get the necessary equipment at the lowest price, (2) get you all the forms you need, and (3) show you how and when to do the QA testing -- cookbook simple.  You can and will be in compliance of all CDPH regulations.  No doctor need be forced to remove x-ray from his or her office.
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The California Department Of Public Health (CDPH) passed new x-ray quality assurance (QA) regulations that took effect October 2012. If you have an x-ray machine in your office, and you use either manual or automatic wet film processing, you are required to perform and record daily and semi-monthly QA testing.  If you are not currently doing these QA tests, and keeping proper written records of the results, you will be cited at your next CDPH equipment inspection.


During routine equipment inspections, CDPH inspectors are now citing 'some' offices that DO NOT have a comprehensive written radiation protection program in place.  This applies to both digital and screen/film installations.  You need to become familiar with this 'old' requirement that is now being enforced.  
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NEW continuing education requirements mandated by the CA BCE are posted on my Permits & Licensure page, along with current CDPH-RHB CE requirements to renew your CA XSOP.

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