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Education, Information & X-Ray
For Doctors Of Chiropractic

Our Mission:

To be vigilant of changing California laws regarding Chiropractic and x-ray, and notify doctors of possible consequences to their practices.

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The state of diagnostic imaging today is complex and rapidly-evolving.  We provide doctors with continuing education to satisfy California x-ray and Chiropractic recertification and relicensing requirements, sharpen diagnostic skills and better utilize diagnostic imaging in their practices.  I also offer a webinar-based mature and effective prep course to pass the difficult exam to obtain a CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor and Operator Permit.

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If your office will soon be inspected by CDPH, note my pre-inspection checklist.

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Formal x-ray reports are a legal requirement for all radiographs taken on human beings.  We offer Chiropractors x-ray interpretation by a Chiropractic radiologist for their analog and digital radiographs at bargain prices.  For analog (films): regular mail, pick-up or even read on-site (distance limited).  For digital radiographs: direct DICOM send from your x-ray server, or export and upload from any computer, or upload direct from CD (all free of charge), or if you prefer, mail DICOM CD.

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  • Annual Chiropractic license renewal requires 24 hours of 'approved' continuing education (CE); 6 hours of which must be in the 'mandatory' category.  Ten hours of 'approved' x-ray CE are required independently every two years by the California Department Of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch (CDPH-RHB) to renew your CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor & Operator permit (XSOP).  All of our Board Approved continuing education is usable for both.
  • Note my pre-inspection checklist if CDPH will soon be inspecting your office.
  • If your office has a wet film processor, and you are not doing the daily and semi-monthly quality assurance (QA) testing required since October 2012 (ie. daily measuring and charting density difference, mid-density, base plus fog; quarterly fixer retention testing and bi-annual darkroom fog testing), the CDPH will absolutely issue you a violation during your next equipment inspection.  By your second inspection after the new regulation took effect, inspectors who were lenient the first time will now be harsh.  The inspector may also cite you for not having a small office radiation protection program, also required by statute.  I have a low-cost ($75) 5-hour workshop designed to: (1) show you where to get all necessary equipment at the lowest price, (2) get you all the forms and charts you need, (3) train you to do ALL of the QA testing properly, plus (4) give you a FREE radiation protection program for your office.  You will be in compliance of all CDPH regulations.  No doctor need be forced to remove x-ray from his or her office.  I still get weekly phone calls or emails from doctors who just got inspected, got cited for not doing the QA testing, and tell me they wish they would have taken care of this before, but time passed and they did nothing.
  • Our seminars offer FREE certificates & FREE duplicate certificates if you lose your original.
  • If you are open to taking courses on your computer, smartphone or other mobile device (eliminating all travel), our webinar attendees get x-ray hours faster and less expensively than any other Board approved method.  Thru December 2016 webinars were classified as live classroom courses.  As of January 2017, webinars have been re-classified by the BCE as online/distance learning limited to 12 hours per year for Chiropractic.  This does not affect CDPH-RHB XSOP renewal.  No getting up at 5AM, no driving, no parking and no test required are all benefits of webinars.
  • I offer a webinar-based 9 hour mature and effective prep course for doctors (MD, DO, DC, DPM, PA) who must take the CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor And Operator exam (see when this is offered in Schedule & Pricing).
  • Download a REGISTRATION FORM on the Schedule & Pricing page.


I email x-ray tips, including interesting cases, monthly to those on my email list.  If you would like to be added to my list, please click the blue button below.  Thank you for visiting my site, and please email suggestions for improvement.

41M with chronic LBP & stiffness.
Email me for the diagnosis.


The California Department Of Public Health (CDPH) passed new x-ray quality assurance (QA) regulations that took effect October 2012. If you have an x-ray machine in your office, and you use wet film processing, you are required to perform and record daily and semi-monthly QA testing. If you are not currently doing these QA tests, and keeping proper written records of the results, you are in violation of the new regulations and will be cited at your next CDPH equipment inspection (specifics on my 
Inspection Checklist page).
During routine equipment inspections, CDPH inspectors are now issuing violations to some small offices with x-ray machines that DO NOT have a comprehensive written radiation protection program suitable for a small office. This applies to both digital and screen/film offices. This violation is based on an old statute not previously enforced for small offices. I now have personal experience with both digital and screen/film offices getting this violation. Please browse to Inspection Checklist (4th item down) to read more.
NEW continuing education requirements mandated by the CA BCE are posted on my Permits & Licensure page, along with current CDPH-RHB CE requirements to renew your CA XSOP.

If you currently have analog (traditional film/screen) or digital x-ray equipment, and you treat Medicare patients, the following provision in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016 became law in December 2015. Beginning 2017, Medicare will reduce payments 20% for x-rays performed on analog systems. Beginning 2018, Medicare will reduce payments 7% for x-rays performed on CR equipment for the next five years, and 10% after that. This is an obvious bias away from analog and CR systems, and toward DR systems.


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